Oct 01 - Nov 01

GEMLABS Organizing Entrepreneurship Development Program for 3 Months.


10:30 - 17:30


Gemicates Labs Organizing Entrepreneurship Development Program from 1st Oct. 2020.

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About Event:
1. The growth of managerial abilities
2. Creation of businesses/organization
3. Develop the skills on Finance & Auditing
4. Economic Development
Course Objectives
• To develop basic understanding about Entrepreneurship
• To develop Entrepreneurial Skill
• To orient graduates for their own venture setup
• To boost start-ups.

Skill Set of Entrepreneurship
• Economic
• Creative
• Purposeful Activity
• Risk bearing Capacity
• Ability to Innovate
• Business Oriented Tendency
• Organizing Function
• Managerial and Leadership Function
• Knowledge based Practice
• Not a Personality Trait, but Behavior
• Based on Principles, not on Intuition
• Essential in Every Activity
• Management is the Vehicle of Entrepreneurship
• It is not a Natural but an ‘Achieved’ Work

Training Outcomes

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:
• Prepare Appreciate the importance of embarking on self-employment and has developed the confidence and personal skills for the same.
• Identify business opportunities in chosen Government Sector / Private Sector / sub-sector and plan and market and sell products / services
• Start a small business enterprise by liaising with different stake holders
• Learn to process the company formation
• Get information about loan and financials
• Effectively manage small business enterprise
• Importance to the Entrepreneurs and the Common Man
• Provides Independence
• Means to Earn a Good Living
• Realizing One’s Full Potential
• Opportunity to Reap High Profits
• Enjoys Social Status
• Work as Fun
• Self-Reliant and Self-Sustaining Lifestyle
• Contributes to Women Liberty
• Offers Part-Time Job Opportunities
• Family Support
• Realizing Dreams
• Importance to the National Economy and Society
Entrepreneurship is basic source of productive economic energy. It fasters economic growth; it increases productivity; it creates new technologies, products, and services; and it changes and rejuvenates market competition. The significance of entrepreneurship to the national economy and society are:
• Dealing with Uncertainty
• Innovation
• Job Creation
• Managing resources
• Capital Formation
• Economic Growth
• Technological Advancements
• Marketplace Change
• Contribution to Large Businesses
• Key Learning Outcomes
• Trainee is clearly able to differentiate between wage employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship
• Understand, appreciate and develop positive thinking and self-confidence for embarking on self-employment / entrepreneurship.
• Candidate is able to appreciate the importance of systematic planning in setting up and managing a business enterprise.
• Candidate is able to understand the concept of efficiency and its key role in success of an enterprise
• Candidate is able to understand the concept of Risk and Risk Assessment and Risk-Taking Ability
• Candidate knows various aspects of team and financial management and its key role in the success of small business enterprise.
• Candidate has understood the concepts relating to Insurance and taxation and its role in ensuring proper functioning of an enterprise.
• Knows the legal aspects governing MSMEs
• Understands the concept of Government regulation with examples of various sectors.
• Understands the procedure involved in launching an enterprise and issues involved in the same.
• Knows the concept of ‘business strategy’ and importance of growth-orientedthinking and planning.
Contact Details:
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Google Pay ID: gservicemart@oksbi
Google Pay Number: 9043165690
Gemicates Labs Bank
A/C no : 6828695759
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