Jun 15 - Jun 15



10:00 - 11:00


Gemicates Labs Organized live join our next live Webinar 2020. This Online Internship Course is mainly intended for students currently doing projects and those who are interested to take up projects in this field of embedded systems with enabling IoT technology.

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GEMLABs is a training lab offering hands-on practical knowledge and job assistance with basic as well as advanced level Embedded Systems, IoT and PLC based training courses this transform the students into qualified Engineers. The training programs of GEMLABs are developed by experts in their respective field such as Augmented IoT & IIoT, IoE & Automation Systems, PCB Designs, Global Embedded Systems, Cyber Security, Robotics DIY Projects, Machine Learning, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Android Application Development, Web Development, BMS & CCTV Installation, Design & Development of Solar Energy Products which are customized in several ways to
effectively deliver training beyond the traditional classroom learning model and various applications can be developed in these research areas resulting in patents.

Internship Course Deliverables

->Basic of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things.
->LAMP,Mosquito Broker Installati on Server creation
->Working with UNO,8051 and PCB layout Designing in Proteus
->Working on Node MCU Boards & MQTT Protocols(MQTTBox & practical session 1)
->API Explanation and working on postman software
->Proteus simulation of STM32F103T6 Board

Course Outcomes
At the end of the Internship students can able
-> To design a IoT architecture and implementation for home application and
Industrial devices
-> Ability to participate in Hackathon level projects like Smart India
-> To became future entrepreneurs

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